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Interview With Lauren-Ashley
conducted by Jan Brown

Legal Name: Lauren Ashley Redmond
Stage Name: Lauren-Ashley
Date of Birth: November 15, 1991
Hometown: Griffin, GA
High School: Flint River Academy
College info/major/when you left: GSU, Public Relations, Spring 2011 (After)
EP Title: Lauren-Ashley
Occupation: singer/songwriter
Influences: Miranda Lambert, Stevie Nicks, Jason Aldean, Eric Church
How Career Began: I first started singing in high school in Choraliers and was part of the Literary Team and All-Select Chorus. I also participated in numerous singing competitions before entering college. In my freshmen year of college, I was part of the GSU Idol Competition, where I won. After this, I started recording my self- titled EP, with Trey Roth of Black Cat Studio. Once studio time was over and the EP was finished, I got together a band and began touring in May. Things have went 100 mph since then and I am playing shows almost every weekend, and will begin recording again within the next month or so.
Band members/instruments/do they have their own name?
Chris Coleman- Elec/Acou Guitar
Joshua Murty- Lead Elec Guitar
Sam Bedingfield- Bass
Ben Thompson- Drums
Do you play any instruments? Guitar
Awards: Wake Up Nashville and Dream Big Songwriting Competition
Winner of GSU Idol, and finalist for Georgia Country Female Artist of the Year
Current City: Nashville
iTunes Release Dates/songs released: Release Date: April 20
Songs: Need, Cold November, Drive, This Wasn’t My Fairy Tale, This Girl, Long Way Home.
Are you making a full-length CD soon, if so, details?
Possibly. We are in the process of making a new CD… we will be cutting 5 songs in the fall and possible 5 more in the spring.
Important performances: Ronnie Milsap, Country Music Hall of Fame, Luke Bryan